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Want to Increase Your Profits?  Don’t Cut Your Costs – Increase Your Business

By Marsha Lindquist
President, Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc.

Wednesday, October 28, 2015

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Profits are down, and expenses are up. What now? If your first inclination is to cut costs…stop!

Before you do anything drastic, you need to take a deep breath and step back.
Cutting costs is often a gut-level reaction. And it is not always the smartest one.

Sometimes, what you spend your money on is more important than how much money you spend.

If you bring out the hatchet prematurely, you may end up cutting the wrong kinds of costs,

which will ultimately hurt your business in the long run.

Marsha Lindquist, President of Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc. has more than 30 years of experience

as a cost proposal manager and contracts professional.  She is an expert in cost proposal/grant

management and development, pricing strategy, and prices that win techniques.


Marsha Lindquist, President of Granite Leadership Strategies, Inc has more than 30 years of experience as a cost proposal manager and contracts professional.  She is an expert in cost proposal/grant management and development, pricing strategy, and prices that win techniques.

Ms. Lindquist is expert in developing persuasive and convincing presentation of pricing that wins and is masterful in authoring customer-focused winning pricing strategies highlighting features and benefits.

Marsha Lindquist has built a tradition of quality consulting to Government contractors spanning more than 30 years. She dedicates her business expertise to providing inventive solutions designed specifically for each of her clients regardless of their size. Granite Leadership Strategies specializes in comprehensive consulting services for Government contracting clients ranging from small start-up companies poised to grow through Fortune 500 companies interested in continuing their successes.

Marsha has developed a wide-ranging experience with Government contracting firms – most specifically for scientific and high technology companies. Marsha has served as a key business advisor. What distinguishes Marsha from others is her ability to provide innovative solutions to problems you face in today's dynamic business environment. This capability enables us to quickly gain an in-depth understanding of your business needs and become an integral advisor to your management team.

Ms. Lindquist has significant experience as a cost proposal/grant manager and contracts professional. Major clients have included Massachusetts Institute of Technology, DynCorp International, Dow Kokam, Argonne National Laboratory, Ames National Laboratory, Textron, Inc., BP Amoco Polymers, Inc., Cytec Fiberite, Inc., Networking & Engineering Technologies, Inc., The McConnell Group, and Molycorp Minerals as well as experience working with Departments of Defense, Energy, and Agriculture; NASA, National Institutes of Health, and Canadian Government Public Works.

Marsha has extensive and comprehensive proposal and grant application experience. Expertise includes strong organizational skills; proposal development, pricing & pricing strategy; financial compliance, grant & loan applications from financial perspective; DCAA audit resolution; indirect rate preparation; forward pricing & provisional rate structures; structured method for establishing basis of estimates, bill of materials, and responsibility and maintainability methods for pricing; interfacing with project management to institute comprehensive work breakdown structure; solid writing skills; and effective and creative cost strategy expertise based upon deep financial and cost accounting background.

Ms. Lindquist has achieved the distinguished title of National Contract Management Association Fellow and the Association of Proposal Management Professional Foundation Level Accreditation.  Corporations seek her expertise because she is a dynamic leader.  Marsha works with her clients on concepts that help people cut through the irrelevant, zero in on the things that distinguish, and create value. She is described by clients as tenacious and a true pro.  Marsha can be often seen hiking with her dog Maya – a young German Shepherd Dog with lots of energy.  You can reach Marsha at or email her at or by calling her at 480-513-1132